Marcela Batisteli



I am an artist & graphic designer based in Ottawa, Canada.

Art has always been a important part of my life, but it was not until 2017 when I rediscovered my love for painting and decided to embrace my creative path through painting!

I like to produce beauty. I like to provide beauty to the world.

I paint what is in my soul as a way to understand, or try to understand, what my emotions and my feelings are. They may not have a particular apparent meaning or reason at the moment I’m painting, but they become real when I get smiles or evoke emotions, and comments from those who are looking at my art.

I like to see the interpretations one has about it, probably that’s why I’m so attracted to abstract, it is open to an infinity of views. I love seeing the different interpretations my art can get. I like to see what the colours are telling the spectators, what the shapes can tell them, if they are provoking any emotion, if my art is bringing any joy, if it is touching them somehow. That is the most important part to me.

My paintings are personal, emotional. The outer world is the muse but the inner world creates the meaning. Everything is filtered by emotions. This is my path to the eternal discovery.

When I'm not painting, I’m doing some freelance graphic design or working on my yogi path :)

If you'd like to collaborate, commission a painting, hire me as a freelancer graphic designer or just say hello, please drop me a line!